The Jewel in the Lotus

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The Jewel in the Lotus

The Jewel in the Lotus

Product description


This instrumental song is based on the popular mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum", meaning "the jewel is in the lotus."

Om - The primordial sound, logos, frequency of all creation
Mani - Dissolving jealousy and the attachment to transient pleasures
Padme - Dissolving prejudices and judgement
Hum - We cultivate our own Divine innate wisdom

Within all of us is the lotus flower, as we live in this world it gets covered up by mud and muck. Intention is everything, and with the right intention, reciting this mantra is believed to get rid of the mud and muck until we are a fully uncovered, shining lotus flower. This song is tuned to A:444Hz / C:528Hz and is also accompanied by 9Hz Alpha binaural beats When you are in the alpha state, your brain becomes relaxed and focused, it is easier to enter a positive flow state.

Licensing Info

Can I use your music on a YouTube video?
Yes. But the song will be identified by the YouTube content ID system, fortunately this does not qualify as a copyright strike. However, monetization may be limited or disabled. 

Can I use your music as part of a class or public performance?
Yes. This music is meant to reach as many people as possible and is specifically designed for other healing practitioners to utilize and compliment their own work.

For larger projects and media publications, please contact us.

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