Go Higher | Ambient Lo-Fi

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Go Higher | Ambient Lo-Fi

Go Higher | Ambient Lo-Fi

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Licensing Info

License Type: Personal Use License

For use on YouTube: The song may be recognized by YouTube's Content ID system, however this will not count as a copyright strike. The only limitation will be the ability to monetize the video. We are currently working on a more streamlined process to whitelist videos so they can be monetized. If you already purchased a Royalty-Free Commercial License, we will make sure to whitelist your video. Contact Us for any questions/issues.

1. License Grant:
 The Personal Use License for Meditation Music is a legal agreement designed for individuals seeking to use specific meditation music for their own personal relaxation, meditation, and well-being without any commercial intent. This license grants you, the "Licensee," the right to enjoy and benefit from the music in your personal life.

2. Usage Rights: Under this license, you are granted the following rights for personal use:

  • Listening: You are allowed to listen to the licensed meditation music for your own relaxation and meditation sessions.
  • Meditation and Wellness: You can use the music in your personal meditation, yoga, or wellness routines.
  • Events / Classes: You can play the music at private gatherings and events such as family get-togethers, personal meditation groups/classes, yoga sessions. For any larger commercial scale event, please contact us here.

3. Restrictions: This license comes with a few restrictions:

  • You cannot use the music for any commercial purposes, including selling, distributing, or promoting products or services.
  • You cannot share or distribute the music to others, either for free or for profit.
  • You cannot claim ownership of the music. The copyright and ownership of the music remain with the original composer or rights holder.

4. Synchronization and Modifications: You are allowed to synchronize the licensed music with visuals, such as videos or presentations, as long as the music remains an integral part of the project.

5. Duration and Territory: The Personal Use License for Meditation Music is perpetual, meaning it has no expiration date, and is valid for personal use worldwide.

6. Exclusivity: This license is non-exclusive, meaning the same music may be used by multiple individuals for personal use.

7. No Additional Fees: You are not required to pay any additional fees or royalties for using the music within the terms of this license. This is a one-time personal use license.

8. Indemnification: The licensor (the owner of the music) shall not be held responsible for any damages, losses, or legal issues resulting from your personal use of the music.

9. Termination: This license may be terminated if you breach the terms and conditions. 

The Personal Use License for Meditation Music provides you with the freedom to enjoy and benefit from soothing meditation music in the privacy of your personal life. It is a straightforward agreement that allows you to incorporate calming and serene melodies into your personal meditation and relaxation practices without any commercial obligations or restrictions.

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