Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz | Part 2

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"At any given moment about 2,000 thunderstorms roll over Earth, producing some 50 flashes of lightning every second. Each lightning burst creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circle around Earth, captured between Earth’s surface and a boundary about 60 miles up. Some of the waves – if they have just the right wavelength – combine, increasing in strength, to create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat known as Schumann resonance.“ -Karen C. Fox

Schumann resonances are inaudible "heartbeats" of our planet; they rest at the extremely low frequency of 7.83Hz. the resonance serves as an indicator of our collective actions, which create an overall reverberation that we can call human consciousness. This ambient soundscape includes the binaural beat of 7.83Hz with the carrier wave being several octaves higher, in the audible range.