Song Creators Consulting

I will teach what I have learned about the process of creating and some techniques on how to allow your creative energy to flow freely.  We will cover the technical side of recording, mixing, and mastering as well as tuning methods and frequencies.  Also, I have a professional background in web design/development and marketing, I can provide expertise on your brand and promoting your music and message.


Creating From the Heart

• Methods I use to access the heart space, the field of infinite potentiality where creative energy flows
• Recognizing creative barriers and how to utilize that as a tool for growth

Techical Expertise, Tuning & Frequency

• Workflows, DAW's and Audio Production
• Instruments, VST Plugins, Effects
• Various tuning methods and binaural beats

From Concept to Reality

• What platforms would work best for your music
• Branding, web design, graphic design options
• Collaboration & networking

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