Perhaps you've heard of the metaverse, a concept growing in recognition that refers to an immersive virtual world or a creative platform for experiences. The term originated from a sci-fi novel called Snow Crash. The metaverse was a virtual world where people would go to escape a dreary reality, conveying the message that we must connect to a synthetic world outside of ourselves to find meaning.


That connection, or complete identity with the outer world, creates a disconnect to the inherent Divine resonance we all have within ourselves. Although technology as a tool has brought us together in community and friendship, it only imitates what we are capable of naturally. And to discover that natural technology, we must first go within and know ourselves.


Gratitude and love are the fuel for our natural technology. But instead of combustion or exertion, think in terms of magnetism, or holding the frequency that draws into you all like frequencies. Metta means unattached, unconditional loving kindness, and is the first of the four virtues in Buddhism (loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity). When you start with Metta, loving kindness and gratitude, your heart begins to resonate at a higher frequency. And that resonance grows and grows without limit. You begin to remember that sacred connection to a vortex deep in your core that is anywhere and everywhere, a connection that creates entire realities, YOUR reality.


Music is a universal language because the universe is frequency. Our souls are sound. Mettaverse is music channeled directly from my heart, from my soul. May it serve you well as you remember who you truly are within. 

Brian Larson