“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”



Mentorship Program

I believe we each have an innate connection to a unified field of infinite potential and boundless creativity. The challenge, however, has been how to tap into that field. When your mind is bursting with inspiration, when that flame flickers and grows, it's a result of an initial spark. That spark comes from the singularity of the heart, the 'stargate' that connects you to all other things, the place from which all things are possible.

As we work together

I will help you discover new depths to the uniquely creative person you are, creating connections, making an impact for good, and helping to facilitate trust in yourself, poised for the next stage of your conscious evolution. Through this process, you will become a person who is equipped to craft transformational art while living wholeheartedly and transparently through your creative magic.

In a nutshell, as your mentor, I will guide you towards...

A revitalized path to doing work that matters

Release conditioned beliefs based on scarcity and fear. Redefine what it is to be successful. Lean into the challenges with a loving heart. Realize your true potential and live the life of your design.

Technical knowledge & workflow expertise

All musicians have their own unique setup. I will help you refine that setup with tools I have found to be extremely useful as well as tuning, recording, and mixing techniques that will improve your workflow and take your music to a new level.

Your branding and marketing

Before Mettaverse, I spent years in design agencies learning the ins-and-outs of branding, design, video production, and marketing. I will help you refine your brand, setting you up for long-term success.

Walking with purpose

Live each day with purpose and a reason for being. Remembering the cosmic mission you are on and how to lovingly navigate through a world that doesn't always understand that mission.

Building your confidence and self-awareness

Become a firm believer that living in a beautiful state is your true nature. Self-awareness is a crucial aspect of tapping into the creative flow and harnessing it towards manifesting the life you desire.

Earning revenue doing what you love

Now it's more possible than ever to discover ways to start making a living doing what you love. I will guide you through methods to reach that goal. As well as address the potential challenges and how to adapt.

The First Step

During a complimentary 45-60 minute exploratory session, the depth of conversation will determine a workable match, and together we will find the package that fits your needs.

Let's Get Started!

Take a quantum leap toward leading a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.


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