Luminous | Delta 3Hz (60min)

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Luminous | Delta 3Hz (60min)

Luminous | Delta 3Hz (60min)

Product description

This ambient, deep sleep soundscape uses a 3 Hz binaural beat (111Hz & 108Hz) and is tuned to C528/A444. The lowest frequencies, delta waves are less than 4 Hz and occur in deep sleep.

As delta waves increase, our awareness of the physical world decreases and access to our unconscious mind becomes easier. It is often seen as a Gateway to Spirituality. Delta Waves are linked to DHEA Production.

When we are in the delta state, we release anti-aging hormones, including melatonin and DHEA, a hormone that slows the aging process, and improves well-being and cognitive function. Some people take supplements for this, but many conclude sleep is the best way to promote DHEA production.

Additionally, levels of the hormone cortisol dip during the deep sleep (delta) stage and increase over the night to promote alertness in morning. Delta subjective feeling states: deep, dreamless sleep, non-REM sleep, trance, unconscious, astral projection

Licensing Info

Can I use your music on a YouTube video?
Yes. But the song will be identified by the YouTube content ID system, fortunately this does not qualify as a copyright strike. However, monetization may be limited or disabled. 

Can I use your music as part of a class or public performance?
Yes. This music is meant to reach as many people as possible and is specifically designed for other healing practitioners to utilize and compliment their own work.

For larger projects and media publications, please contact us.

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