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Peace Mantra in 432Hz (60min)
Peace Mantra in 432Hz (60min)

Peace Mantra in 432Hz (60min)


"We must become the very things that we choose to experience in our lives. If we’re looking for love, understanding, and happiness in our lives, we must develop those qualities within ourselves, so that the 'Mind of God' can mirror them back to us in our relationships." -Gregg Braden

A mantra is a syllable, word, or phrase repeated during prayer and meditation. Mantras can be spoken, chanted, whispered, or repeated in the mind. This ancient practice is known to have Buddhist and Hindu roots, other forms exist within a great variety of spiritual traditions, including Judeo-Christian and Shamanic.

Now, the mantra practice is gaining popularity as part of secular mindfulness practice. Any way you look at it, a mantra is simply a method, or tool, to help reach the sacred space in the heart. The place where the ego doesn't reside, where the act of "feeling" becomes the mode of prayer.

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