Equilibrium 111Hz (60min)

Each track is in mp3, 32-bit format. See here for licensing details.

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Equilibrium 111Hz (60min)

Equilibrium 111Hz (60min)

Product description

Just like the mathematical axiom of height, width and length, our spiritual existence delegates the three dimensions to the mind, the body, and the soul. The importance of taking care of all three, to ensure that there is a balance, is extremely important to our overall wellbeing. We may not always be in the place of equilibrium, but knowing it exists within, as the impartial observer, is the key.

Licensing Info

Can I use your music on a YouTube video?
Yes. But the song will be identified by the YouTube content ID system, fortunately this does not qualify as a copyright strike. However, monetization may be limited or disabled. 

Can I use your music as part of a class or public performance?
Yes. This music is meant to reach as many people as possible and is specifically designed for other healing practitioners to utilize and compliment their own work.

For larger projects and media publications, please contact us.

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