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Field of Oneness 111Hz (60 min)
Field of Oneness 111Hz (60 min)

Field of Oneness 111Hz (60 min)


This song has a subtle 111Hz sine wave playing in the background and is tuned to A=444Hz, also known as C=528Hz. This is a known method of alternate tuning, along with 432Hz, that is said to be more naturally harmonious with the mathematics of the universe, primarily the study of vortex-based mathematics.

A subject that Nikola Tesla knew a great deal about. For example, all octaves of A=444Hz reduce down to 3 & 6 (111Hz=3, 222Hz=6, 444Hz=3, 888Hz=6, 1776Hz=3, etc.). Just as in A=432Hz, all octaves reduce down to 9. This brings into focus Tesla's famous quote: “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” Aside from the tuning however, the composition itself is a form of expression from my soul to yours.

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