Field of Oneness 111Hz (60 min)

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Field of Oneness 111Hz (60 min)

Field of Oneness 111Hz (60 min)

Product description

This song has a subtle 111Hz sine wave playing in the background and is tuned to A=444Hz, also known as C=528Hz. This is a known method of alternate tuning, along with 432Hz, that is said to be more naturally harmonious with the mathematics of the universe, primarily the study of vortex-based mathematics.

A subject that Nikola Tesla knew a great deal about. For example, all octaves of A=444Hz reduce down to 3 & 6 (111Hz=3, 222Hz=6, 444Hz=3, 888Hz=6, 1776Hz=3, etc.). Just as in A=432Hz, all octaves reduce down to 9. This brings into focus Tesla's famous quote: “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” Aside from the tuning however, the composition itself is a form of expression from my soul to yours.

Licensing Info

Can I use your music on a YouTube video?
Yes. But the song will be identified by the YouTube content ID system, fortunately this does not qualify as a copyright strike. However, monetization may be limited or disabled. 

Can I use your music as part of a class or public performance?
Yes. This music is meant to reach as many people as possible and is specifically designed for other healing practitioners to utilize and compliment their own work.

For larger projects and media publications, please contact us.

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