Those of us who have experienced anxiety all know it has the potential to be quite debilitating. In my journey, music has become a life-changing expression that helps me find solace when anxiety arises. And that solace is something we all have within us.

How to deal with anxiety? First let's start with how the question is asked. When we see anxiety as something to overcome or deal with, we remain in the cycle of duality. Opposing forces (good & bad) continuously spin, validating each others' existence. The ego, the dual mind, resists the unpleasant. Yet the more it resists, the more attention is focused on that feeling, often making it worse. 

When anxiety arises, it isn't you, it doesn't define who you are. You are the observer, the place of solace, noticing a feeling arise. It's a very real and valid feeling, and it wants to be acknowledged as that. When we learn to speak from the place of that solace, from the heart, we can address that feeling with compassion. When it feels heard, it no longer has the need to persist.

The music I make is designed with pure intention, love energy, and life experience. I write from a place of knowing how deep despair can feel and knowing how liberating awakening into ones's true self can be. Knowing who you really are is the very definition of solace. It's home, where you came from, your natural state.

Here are some of my favorite tracks that can help you on your path. 🙏 

Recovery ⁂ 417Hz ⁂ Ambient Meditation Music with Quartz Singing Bowl



Solace 432Hz, Ambient Music for Calm Abiding Meditation, Find Comfort in Times of Restlessness

Rhythm of the Breath, Calm the Mind, Rejuvenate the Heart, Binaural Beats, Delta & Theta

Brian Larson