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How Music Therapy Can Help You | Mettaverse

How Music Therapy Can Help You

Those of us who have experienced anxiety all know it has the potential to be quite debilitating. In my journey, music has become a life-changing expression that helps me find solace when anxiety arises. And that solace is something we all have within us.How to deal with anxiety? First let's start with how the question is asked. When we see anxiety as something to overcome or deal with, we remain in the cycle of duality. Opposing forces (good & bad) continuously spin, validating each others' existence. The ego, the dual mind, resists the unpleasant. Yet the more it resists, the more attention is...

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A Bewildering Light. | Mettaverse

A Bewildering Light.

A flame that flickers and leaps from my breath. An inhale, illuminating natural oneness. An exhale, warming the cosmos with unconditional affinity.   In the spiraling gusts of fury and heartache, it squints yet never abates. In the stillness of being, it glows in molecular harmony. A primordial wave of limitless potential, imparting matter into form.   In this stillness arises the impartial witness of thought. No coordinates, no time, no form or labels. A condition void of presupposition, judgement and expectation.   The emptiness of mind. The beingness of heart. Even beyond the confines of forever.

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Meditation: The Beauty of Here and Now | Mettaverse

Meditation: The Beauty of Here and Now

One of the most effective things we can do in order to truly see the beauty around us is to meditate. This will help you begin to rediscover your natural state of just "being". It's like seeing the world again through the eyes of a small child. Being fully present and really noticing how blue the sky is or how inspiring it is to see the leaves twirl in the wind. That's what it means to be here and now.

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